What you say...

Cats Protection prefer it, our feline friends love it, and we’re very proud of it indeed! But just because we say Verdo Wood Pellet Cat Litter is effective and easy to use, you don’t have to take our word for it. Here are a few words from people who have put it to the test and were so impressed, they got in touch to tell us.

  • Richard Hawley (my cat) loves the Verdo litter. It smells nice and doesn’t create a lot of mess. You also need to use less of it which is a further bonus!

    Phill, Sheffield

  • I was keen to give the Verdo Wood Pellet litter a try as some friends had recommended it to me. Previously I’d only ever used clay-based litter, but I was really impressed by how absorbent the wood pellets are.

    Lionel, Brighton

  • Really prompt delivery... not only was the driver really pleasant, but he delivered to a really difficult address, with excellent driving.

    Karen, Lower South Wraxall

  • It's the best litter I've ever come across in years and at an exceptionally reasonable price. A friend may be getting a cat soon, I will recommend your product to him.

    Stephen, Glasgow

  • I'm really pleased with our purchase of Verdo Cat Litter. As the product is natural wood it makes it very absorbent and one really good element is you get a nice smell, I will definitely be ordering more.

    David Armour, Inverness

  • Thank you - great customer service and great cat litter 

            Ilona Bee, Hertfordshire

  • Cat litter delivered to your door in a large bag. It really works, no smells, easy to dispose of etc. My cat loves it and so do I.

    Tacina, London

  • Just to say how impressed I was with the speed of your delivery. I only ordered late Saturday afternoon and, with it being the weekend did not expect to receive anything until Wednesday or Thursday so I was delighted when it was delivered at lunch-time yesterday. Have not tried it out on our ultra fussy cat yet but, as it was recommended by the Truro and District CPS, and she had got used to it during her stay with them I am keeping both fingers and toes crossed. Thank you once again- it is nice to know that there are still some companies one can rely upon.  FHC.

            Frieda Curnow, Helson - Cornwall.


            Karen, Chard, Somerset 

  •  I have eight cats half of them are elderley now and I get through 2 bags of Verdo cat litter a month, which is very economical compared to other brands I have used in the past. The cat litter masks the smell effectively and the compound of it lasts a lot longer. Before I used other wood pellet litter and needed to change the litter trays almost everyday because as soon as it got wet it it would track around the house. I would definitely recommend Verdo as the best on the market/ Please dont change the formula this is purrfect as it is.

VERDO Cat Litter Triple Pack
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