Verdo Wood Pellet Catlitter benefits

We know there are several types of cat litter available, but Verdo Wood Pellet Cat Litter has a number of advantages. And of course, the fact that Cats Protection have selected it as their preferred cat litter would suggest that these advantages are important!
  • A high quality, renewable product Verdo Wood Pellet Cat Litter is a high quality, 100% virgin timber product, which means no additives or impurities that could cause problems for your cat. And because the wood comes from renewable FSC®-approved sources, it's a lot friendlier to the environment.
  • Non-clumping cat litter Verdo Wood Pellet Cat Litter doesn't stick together when damp; it fluffs up and can be easily removed when necessary without any of the dried-on patches associated with clay-based cat litters.
  • Highly absorbent Our litter absorbs lots of liquid, which is a key requirement of any effective cat litter material! In fact wood pellets are up to three times more absorbent than some types of litter.
  • Low maintenance No hassle, no fuss – Verdo Wood Pellet Cat Litter is so easy to use.
  • Naturally biodegradable Because Verdo Wood Pellet Cat Litter is 100% virgin timber, it is naturally biodegradable.
  • Odour controlling Odours can be a problem around any litter tray, but Verdo Wood Pellet Cat Litter controls smells naturally. The pellets themselves have a very pleasant natural wood aroma, and of course, we don't add perfumes of any kind.
VERDO Cat litter full pallet
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VERDO Cat litter half pallet
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VERDO Cat litter trial bag
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